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Hélène Colpin

Product Owner from startup to large industrial project

Hélène Colpin
36 years old
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
I'm a French Product Owner with IT engineering background living in Netherland.
I have a strong analytic mindset that allows me to apply the same scientific rigour in every part of my job : from analyzing needs and systems, defining a product vision based on fact and KPI, designing features and setting a roadmap.
What's more, I'm a true team player and strong believer in collective intelligence. I love to facilitate continuous improvement processes and set up the framework and organize tasks in a rational and pragmatic way in collaboration with my teammates or stakeholders. As a consequence I naturally became product owner and then project manager.

I'm a servant for my teammates and fulfill myself in collaborative environment, putting hands on projects and designing user-oriented solutions.

Fairphone App product owner (6 months)

Since May 2019
  • Leading Fairphone's project to build an app empowering our customer to use their phone longer and engage with Fairphone's mission. From defining the product vision to its implementation strategy.
    All that in collaboration with stakeholders and team members from different background.
  • Defining product vision based on stakeholder needs, current and past situations retrospective, ROI analyse and company's mission.
    Continuously communicating around it and its evolutions to ensure company wide understanding
  • Defining the CX and UX
  • Building up the product backlog with features
    (EPIC and User story), prioritised according to a scheme "added value"/"feasibility"/"time constraints"/"skills availability" to define the product roadmap and implementation strategy.
  • Leading SCRUM rituals, monitoring daily development progress and iterating
  • Tracking roadmap to others teams and making sure they can deliver on time to fit our implementation plan
  • Fairphone 3 Go To Market core team member with the double role of internal product owner and offshore OS project manager.
    Due to change in Fairphone's strategy and organization (outsourcing of the project management in Asia) I've been reallocated to internal projects in June 2019.
  • Product Owner of our internal self-governed
    software team :
- Defining the scope of work for out internal software team as well as implementation strategy and resource allocation
    • Mapping the strategy in our JIRA projects with EPIC, user story and research task
    • Leading sprints planning in regards of the program roadmap
- Coordinating with the program manager and other stakeholders
  • Offshore Project manager :
    • Setting scope of work, requirements, KPI and collaboration processes for the Taiwanese partner's engineering team working on our phone OS's bring-up

- Aligning on the software roadmap in regard to the overall program roadmap
    • Timeline critical path analysis with Gantt charts
- Building and sharing a risk plan

    • Investigating technical solutions and 3rd parties partnership to improve our product

    • Providing synthetic business cases to help the company direction board making the best decisions

- Internal teams coordination (Brand, sales, customer support...)
  • Setting up project management tooling with JIRA projects structures and board to improve the team efficiency

Fairphone IT Product Owner (9 Months)

January 2018 to September 2018
  • My role as IT product owner was to convey Fairphones' vision and business goals to our IT partners and e-commerce development agencies to develop IT systems and e-commerce features.
  • Collecting the requirements from the very various Fairphone's teams from sales and marketing to customer service, legal to logistics, community to finance.
  • Analysing the business need, designing solutions with my development partners and transforming them into valuable development tasks in my IT backlog
  • Setting up tools and rituals to manage stakeholders expectations : visual backlog and roadmap, sprint reports, ideation session, retrospectives, demonstration, documentation
  • LinkySUP, the French electricity smart meters network Supervision System, aimed to design, develop and maintain the supervision system for 35 millions smart electricity meters that were to be deployed in France by 2025.
    After 3 years as a business analyst and then Product Owner on that same project I was offered the position of Project Manager.
  • Project's context :
    • 60 software engineers and a budget of 6,5 Million € per year
    • Scrum teams made of java developers, big data experts, quality engineer, system/network engineers, business analyst
    • big data, microservices technologies
  • Defining the project plan for the year based on the technicals, legal and business requirement and the capabilities of the project team
  • Setting clear goals to each team on the project, asses risks, track the progress, report to the company’s head executive in a "non technical" language
  • Reviewing the project budget and adjust the project organisation accordingly
  • Setting up the right project organisation so that everyone is at the right place, the project goals are reached, team member are happy. Helping the teams finding the right processes and structure to get work done.
  • Software design : challenging the team to build the right feature, helping with macro-functional-design
  • Human resources management recruitment, coaching
  • I have been business analyst/software functional designer for "LinkySup" for one year before becoming product owner.
    I worked in one of the project's team made of 15 peoples : developers, analyst and testers on features such as supervision system's artificial intelligence, Linky's systems data reconciliation (100 data flows were connected to LinkySup), remote upgrade system for meters software
  • Fostering strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that their views and requirements were captured in the product backlog. Communicating with them at each stage of the project to avoid project drifting
  • Identifying and solving dependencies with the other product owners of the Linky Program
  • Driving brainstorming with system analysts and engineering team to design functionalities and splitting features into users stories
  • Prioritizing items in the backlog. Specifying the definition-of-done in cooperation with the development team. Tracking development progress with SCRUM/Kanban methodologies
  • Writing detailed specifications as well as user stories taking into account technical constraints
  • Encouraging continuous improvement

Tourism Information System Project Manager (3 years)

Faire Savoir, France
February 2010 to June 2013
  • "Faire Savoir" is the leader in tourism Information system in France, concentrating 50% of the touristic datas in France.
  • Being fully available for my clients to help them expressing their needs and finding the best way to use our Information System
  • Writing detailed specifications of evolutions or new features in collaboration with development teams
  • Managing internal development and quality resource teams: defining planning, allocating tasks, tracking progress
  • Training of my clients and users all over France
  • Managing the customer support officer

Web Project coordinator intern in India (6 Months)

Silverline IT Solutions (now Sendin Blue)
February 2009 to August 2009
  • Silverline IT Solutions was an Indian-French joint-venture based in New-Delhi (20 employees) developing websites for French customers (the company became SendinBlue).
    For my end-of-studies internship, I was the middleman between French project sponsors and Indian development team.

    Based in India, I coordinated various projects up to 4 developers.
  • Conveying our client projects visions to the Indian managers and development team
  • Translating the high-level requirements to detailed features
  • Dividing projects into tasks and building project planning and reporting to the French Project leaders
  • Supporting our development team on a daily basis, sitting with them to test feature behaviour and adjust according to actual needs
  • Web development tasks (HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL)
  • Impact and user story mapping
  • CX design, user journey and processes mapping
  • Scrum, Kanban, SCRUMban
  • Leading user requirements workshop and ideation session
  • Iteratively defining the product backlog and grooming it with the team
  • Define and write actionable user stories
  • Driving retrospectives
  • Roadmap definition and communication, task scheduling
  • Risks analyse
  • Setting KPI and reporting
  • Working with multicultural teams
  • Identifying and solving dependencies with other teams
  • Coordinate interfaces between different teams
  • Create a supportive work environment for the team members
  • Software development processes
  • Big data architecture, microservices
  • SQL, XLM, Java
  • Android platform and app
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • SQLDevelopers
  • Balsamiq mockup
  • Promapp
  • Team Gantt
  • English fluent (TOEIC: 945/1000 achieved in 2016) - 2+ years working in English environment
  • French (mother tongue)
  • Dutch beginner

Master's degree in IT engineering

INSA, Bourges, France

2006 to 2009
Engineer in information system security

Mathematics and Physics MBO

Lille, France

2004 to 2006
Called "Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles" in France.
Intensive two years post baccalauréat courses in mathematics and physics to prepare students for joining engineering universities.
  • Writing : travel stories, outdoor experience articles
  • Music : handpan, Indian classical sitar, guitar
  • Cliff climbing and bouldering
  • Trekking
  • Fencing (use to be among the top 40 French fencers)