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Hélène Colpin

Product Owner from startup to large industrial project

Hélène Colpin
36 years old
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
I'm a French Product Owner with IT engineering background living in Netherland.
I have a strong analytic mindset that allows me to apply the same scientific rigour in every part of my job : from analyzing needs and systems, defining a product vision based on fact and KPI, designing features and setting a roadmap.
What's more, I'm a true team player and strong believer in collective intelligence. I love to facilitate continuous improvement processes and set up the framework and organize tasks in a rational and pragmatic way in collaboration with my teammates or stakeholders. As a consequence I naturally became product owner and then project manager.

I'm a servant for my teammates and fulfill myself in collaborative environment, putting hands on projects and designing user-oriented solutions.
  • LinkySUP, the French electricity smart meters network Supervision System, aimed to design, develop and maintain the supervision system for 35 millions smart electricity meters that were to be deployed in France by 2025.
    After 3 years as a business analyst and then Product Owner on that same project I was offered the position of Project Manager.
  • Project's context :
    • 60 software engineers and a budget of 6,5 Million € per year
    • Scrum teams made of java developers, big data experts, quality engineer, system/network engineers, business analyst
    • big data, microservices technologies
  • Defining the project plan for the year based on the technicals, legal and business requirement and the capabilities of the project team
  • Setting clear goals to each team on the project, asses risks, track the progress, report to the company’s head executive in a "non technical" language
  • Reviewing the project budget and adjust the project organisation accordingly
  • Setting up the right project organisation so that everyone is at the right place, the project goals are reached, team member are happy. Helping the teams finding the right processes and structure to get work done.
  • Software design : challenging the team to build the right feature, helping with macro-functional-design
  • Human resources management recruitment, coaching